Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Gone But Not Forgotten quilting project:

  • Donate Fabric – We’re seeking donations of 10″ or larger pieces of clean, blue or white fabric for creating the quilt. Patterns are fine, as long as the dominant color is blue or white. Email Rachel.a.wallis at for fabric donation sites.
  • Sew a quilt block – Although the memorial squares of the quilt will be sewn and embroidered in public quilting circles during September and October 2015, every other block in the quilt will be a traditional prairie style quilt block. You can help us prepare for the quilting circles by sewing a 10.25″ (or 10″ finished) blue and white quilt block. Looking for inspiration/tutorials on quilting? Check out this pinterest board of 10″ quilt block tutorials.
  • Participate in a quilting circle – The memorial quilt will be sewn in a series of public quilting circles around the city. Dates and locations of the 2016 quilting circles will be announced shortly. Want to stay informed about upcoming community quilting circles? Sign up to our mailing list!

Interested in getting involved in other ways? Contact

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