Hubert Burgs

Age: 29
Date of Death: 6/28/2007

Police shoot, kill Riverdale man
Chicago cops say man fired at officer, was preparing to fire again
June 30, 2007

Chicago police shot and killed a 29-year-old man from Riverdale on Thursday night in an
exchange of gunfire.
Hubert Burgs died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Cook County medical
examiner’s office.
Gang officers made a traffic stop at 114th Street and Stewart Avenue, and an officer
noticed two people drinking in a minivan, said Pat Camden, Chicago Police Department
Burgs was in the driver’s seat of the minivan, Camden said. The officers ordered the two
out of the car, and Burgs got out and ran down a gangway, Camden said.
The plainclothes officers identified themselves as police officers, Camden said.
“An officer chased him on foot, he jumped over a fence, the offender fired a shot, got to
the rear fence of the yard, was getting ready to climb over the fence, turned and pointed
to the officer a second time,” he said. “The officer fired two shots, fatally wounding the
Burgs was dead on arrival at the scene, and his weapon, a 40-caliber handgun, was
recovered, Camden said. No police officers were hurt, he said.
Burgs had a Riverdale address, Camden said, but he couldn’t give the exact address. The
Cook County medical examiner’s office also listed a Riverdale address for him, but said
his mother lives at that address.
The other individual who was in the minivan was questioned but not arrested, Camden
The Office of Professional Standards and the police department are investigating the
shooting, he said.